I like to think that my Gengar likes storing glowing stuff in his mouth.

September 30th, 2014: Leaving her hotel in Stockholm, Sweden


Finished one part of my town. 


at my 16th birthday party my friend john accidentally flashed one of his balls and i remember it in vivid color & detail like sometimes i forget the faces of loved ones but that single nut haunts me. one time i fell in a ditch and i kept sabotaging myself like “what if the last thing i think of before i die is john’s nut” like i wasn’t actually gonna die but these are the kinds of things you consider when you fall in a ditch. john’s nut


if you divorced a mailman would he be your FedEx


Just a little doodle of Isabelle before I go to sleep! She’s so cute in her new dress, I had to draw her!